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By Simon Says on Saturday, November 07, 2009

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Step 1)
First create an account after that think on what can you actually write in a blog, well i would suggest that something which really drives you crazy or you are passionate about or which pumps your Adrenalin in your blood, for me it's just simply about Games & interest in computers & now i have this new one Blogging.
 After all why wouldn't it be as it made me see a lot of dreams.... if someone ask me that what is my recipes of blogging & earning money online i would say -

  • a) Write your own article do not copy paste.

  • b) Write about something that you are passionate about or on which you feel that can write about, like your field of specialization, think that you have lots of knowledge of something & which common people don't have & you can share some tips & tricks of your trade, like for me its my computer knowledge, so I created one blog for basic computer troubleshooting.

  • c) Stick to one terminology i.e. stick to one author or follow & implement one system either on  blogging & then internet marketing & then earning from online. Study only one thing at a time do not deviate, follow step step path to learn everything do not hurry, study the process then implement it
    so follow one pattern & one Guru do not change your course or deviate at any time when you are implementing or experimenting as for the moment you will think that you are learning something new or you will get some cool free software, but by the end of day all this will only waste your precious time & you will end up doing nothing but finding yourself in a mess & all of your work will be pending.
  • d)  So most important thing is stick to one module only & finish it if i give you my experience then i will say that i was very excited from this blogging on the internet & earning money online by Google adsence & in my excitement i used to find information about getting rich or working from home & by doing that, every time i used to end up opening new tabs & hence by end of my day either all my works were pending & me learning nothing new but just finally realizing that how i wasted my time.
  • e) Found someone who you can follow or did you figured it out how you will earn online, good Stick to that plan. 


1) Write Original Article
2) Write about your PASSION or about your Knowledge
3) Be Determined Do Not Deviate


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