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By Simon Says on Saturday, November 14, 2009

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When You are ready to begin with blogging you would have to keep these simple points by back of your mind take them as rules for blogging or you can read my post about

  • Write which suits you & you are comfortable writing with, It could be what you are passionate about or your hobby or your profession.
  • After writing an article & publishing your blog, then comes the part of placing ADS in your Blog or if you are an Affiliate then inserting their Link Codes in your Blog, both means the same i.e. Inserting HTML Codes in your blogs.
  • But please remember before you can actually place ads & affiliates Product for sale in your blog you must have posted at least 8 - 12 Posts on a topic, After all you won't take an Empty blog with no posts in it to the advertisers & Affiliates & ask them to Place their products & ADS on your blog.
  • I have given some Long lists of the Companies where you can become an Affiliate & sell their products on your blog OR/AND you can place advertisements from Advertising Giants Like Google Adsence, Chitika. All you have to do is choose any one of it & get your account registered on their website.
  • However, i advice that not to sign up with all of them, as that will minimize your earnings if you place all of their advertisements in one page or blog.
  • After placing your ads on your blog it is time to submit your site to Search engines.
  • Before Submitting your site to search engines, Here comes the F Factor - RSS & Meta Tags.
  • I'll talk about RSS & Meta Tags later in a different topic.


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